Lifestyle in Courchevel


Courchevel is unique. It is really skiing “at the foot of the mountain” for an exceptional pleasure and comfort.

This avant-garde resort has for sixty years now provided the tourist with the guaranteed equipment for a comfortable ski on secured ski slopes and with a snow of an acknowledged quality.
Courchevel allows a quite exceptional access to ski. Here, you feel away from home and immediately put your skis on.


Lifestyle in Courchevel



The quest for excellence is at the origin of the international fame of Courchevel . Our offers on hosting, activities, entertainment and services is the reference in the whole of the Alpine Region. We cultivate an art of living in which the key-words are well-being, recreation and relaxation. One of the keys of the success of Courchevel is to have managed to raise the level of excellence to an authentic way of life. Each district of Courchevel, in its own way, cultivates a lifestyle matching above all authenticity and quality.

Tantalize your taste buds in one of the 70 restaurants of Courchevel, enchant them in one of the 7 Michelin-starred ones.

Renew yourself in one of the 32 hotel spas.

Treat yourself in one of the 100 shops of the resort offering the latest collections of textile and new technical instruments.


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