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The real-estate market in Courchevel is very attractive, even during an economic crisis. No plots of land are available to new constructions and a limited number of residences, which allows to maintain the prices at a high level over the five areas of Courchevel, particularly Courchevel 1550, Courchevel 1650 and Courchevel 1850. Moreover, the rental market is at the same time limited and high. Consequently, some very good rental revenues may be expected over a limited period. In Courchevel, you must favor an investment of quality over the years. Demand is higher than supply and the present owners are well aware of the market conditions, which explains that they will sell their most exceptional properties at market price or even above it.

Courchevel : chalets at 250,000 euros the week

The resort Courchevel 1850 attracts billionaires who can rent a cottage at 250,000 euros per week. Particularly the Russian clientele with the approach of Orthodox Christmas. Courchevel is the '' synonymous with luxury ski. Alpine resort provided the best in luxury hotels and 5 star, Courchevel 1850 also.........

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Megève vs Courchevel : severe competition and declining real estate sales.

At Courchevel and Megève, the luxury real estate is experiencing some difficulties. From 20 million euros, transactions are blocked by Barnes network. In the Alps, a few French stations competing for the national and international celebrities to grow their real estate market ... But it is mainly for.........

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Real estate news in Courchevel


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